My Top 10 Comfort Shows

June 15, 2014

Sometimes we need a little uplifting. Not necessarily because we are down, but we crave comfort from time to time, something that makes us feel at home, safe and happy. I often find this comfort in watching a good TV show with my family.

1.) Supernatural
What's not to like about this show. Not only is it a bit of eye candy for the ladies, but the show is funny, action packed and at some points quite creepy! A great show to cuddle up with a blanket with! This show has become one of my favourites, and I often find myself thinking 'What would Sam and Dean do?'. If you like the paranormal, then this show is for you!

2.) New Girl
Zooey Deschanel is the perfect quirky, awkward girl that all of us can relate to. New Girl, is such a fun loving sitcom that I always look forward to catching up on. It reminds me of my time at University as I'd often watch it on rainy days. Something about the character, Jessica Day, makes me feel happy, because she isn't made out to be a typical girl.

3.) Friends
I think we can all agree that when all else fails, watch Friends. This show has been with me through thick and thin, and even though it finished 10 years ago, people's love for it has never died. These 6 friends remind us of the good times. I could probably answer any question thrown at me about this show.

4.) Miranda
Now, this one may be more aimed towards women, as quite a few men aren't really into it, and I have to say that Miranda Hart's programme is probably aimed more towards women. But this show has helped me too many times. I always watch it when I am sad, as when I first discovered it, I was very upset and it made me feel better. It's a sort of medicine I feel. Its slapstick comedy is just what every girl needs to put a smile on her face.

5.) Come Fly With Me
This programme has had me in stitches of laughter a countless amount of times. Matt Lucas and David Walliams are the perfect duo in this comedic airport documentary. I feel as though I just watch these episodes on a loop. It never gets old. And more than that, the characters they have created are so realistic and true. I always want to go on holiday after watching Come Fly With Me. This comedy duo are just fantastic!

6.) Big Train
Not a lot of people have heard of this, but if you like Simon Pegg you'll love this, as he is one of the main stars of the show. Big Train is a sketch show, that hosts a range of very different sketches, which are all absolutely random and ridiculous! Hilarity at it's finest! So make sure to check this show out as I guarantee it'll put a huge grin on your faces!

7.) Flight Of The Conchords
Jermaine Clement and Bret McKenzie star in this show, and play a musical band (which they are really) called The Flight Of The Conchords. Their characters are supposed to be really awkward and not that popular, which isn't helped by their wacky manager, played by Rhys Darby, who has no clue about anything musical. The thing is, their music is actually genius!

8.) An Idiot Abroad
Karl Pilkington brings the perfect comfort documentary. He gives a different take on everything, and his way of looking at life is something to smile at. A great show to just relax and laugh at. Perfectly comforting.

9.) I.T Crowd
This programme never gets old. Its intelligent, witty jokes are brilliantly funny. I never get bored of this show and find myself quoting it in normal conversation just about every single day! Moss, Roy and Jen are unlikely friends, who become the best trio, working in I.T.

10.) Extras
This programme is so awkward and cringy, but in a good way. Ricky Gervais is one of my favourite of his characters in Extras. Playing an actor who can't quite grasp a big break, and who is having to work as an extra. Each episode has a celebrity guest star, who are fantastic sports to play along with the show!

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