My 5 Favourite Youtubers

June 01, 2014

Happy Sunday to you all! When we're bored, we often are all questioning what to do, and our answers are usually the same- Youtube. Ah yes the wonder that is Youtube. A place of humorous snaps, videos, music and what not. So, I thought I'd share with you my top 5 favourite Youtubers at the moment. And maybe you'll enjoy watching their videos as much as I do!

1.) Sprinkle of Glitter
I only discovered this lovely lady a while ago, but I am in love with her vlogs. She is so down to earth, funny and chatty- all that we ask for in a Youtuber! It's so relaxing to watch her videos and I can relate to them! I often like to put her videos on whilst I'm getting ready or doing my make up!

2.) Jenna Marbles
Now this comedian is extremely well known! Her videos are all hilarious and make me cry with laughter. She also has two gorgeous dogs who accompany her in her videos! I actually linked one of her videos in one of my last posts!
3.) Zoella
Zoella is a lovely English Youtuber, who vlogs about beauty, fashion, tags, and more! She is very down to earth also and again I often put her videos on whilst getting ready or tidying, because they are so easy to listen to!

4.) Lisa Eldridge
Now, this fantastic lady isn't a Youtuber as such, but is a well known make up artist, who does a lot of work with celebrities! She is brilliant at her work and I often use her make up looks as inspiration! She has some of the best make up tutorials on Youtube, because they are so clear and simple! She breaks everything down so well, that it makes you feel like you can easily repeat the tutorial on yourself!

5.) Crunchlins
Now, I may be bias because this wonderful Youtuber happens to be my own flesh and blood. However he is a talented new and upcoming animator who creates wondrous videos! He uploads every 2 weeks! I never understood the hard work put into animations, until now! Excellent!!

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