5 steps to healthier, glowing skin

September 10, 2016

Today I want to talk to you all about skin care. Without good looking skin, our make-up doesn't look half as good as it could. What's more important is keeping our skin healthy, that way we'll have less of a need to wear make-up (not that any of us should ever feel like we NEED to wear make-up). Here are five useful tips to help your skin become healthier!

1.) Drink water
This may seem very obvious but it's one of the easiest things you can do to get better skin. Water will keep your skin hydrated and will help keep it clean which should prevent your skin from blotching and getting spots! Water has so many health benefits, it'd be silly not to follow this step!

2.) Wear less make-up
Okay so sometimes we want to wear make-up and that's fine. But if you are having a homey day or aren't going anywhere important, treat your skin to a make-up free day. Doing this whenever you can will give your skin a break from clogged pores and dirt and it'll feel much more revitalised.

3.) Apply Suncream
We sometimes don't realise how big of an impact the sun can have on our skin, especially in the cooler months. We tend to slap a bit of suncream on in the summer and then leave it to get exposed throughout the remainder of the year. However the sun is always there, so make sure you buy a foundation that has a suncream built in. Or incorporate an oil free suncream into your beauty regime and make-up prep. Skin that is protected from the sun all year round will look younger and healthier.

4.) Find out which products work for you
There is no point spending your money on products that have no effect or even make your skin worse. Find out what skin type you have, whether it's oily or dry or sensitive and find products that suit that. Don't be afraid to ask in store for help and find out what they can offer you.

5.) Get out in the fresh air and enjoy life
Getting out in the fresh air, whether it be for a day of shopping, or a run around the park will increase your chances of having better skin. It also will release endorphins which will lower your stress levels and lead to being happier in yourself. When we are happier with ourselves and the world around us, we begin to feel better in our skin, and our skin feels better with us. Nature is a very powerful resource that will benefit you in more ways than one.

Hopefully these simple tips will encourage more of you to be kind to your skin, and hopefully your skin will be kind to you too.

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