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June 23, 2016

Hey folks,

So as promised, I am returning with another Disney post to continue my Disney segment. If this is something you want to hear about more regularly or the topic of holidays is, them be sure to let me know. I read all your comments and am so grateful for your kind words.

So without further ado..

A key part of your Disneyland Paris holiday is which hotel you choose for your stay. Now, I've been to Disneyland five times now and I've only ever stayed in two of the hotels, however friends of mine have stayed in another.

The first time I went, I stayed in the Santa Fe hotel. I was about eight years old at the time and so the memories of the hotel itself are pretty foggy. The three times after that I stayed at the Newport Bay Club Hotel which is beautiful and definitely one of the best looking hotels. This last time I visited I was on more of a budget and so I chose to return to the Santa Fe hotel which had been refurbished a fair bit since my trip fourteen years ago (well you'd hope so wouldn't you ha!).

How to decide on a hotel:

  • Price range- the cheapest of the Disneyland hotels is the Davy Crockett Ranch, however this is further out and is self catered. Not one of my choices, I have to say. Santa Fe and the Hotel Cheyenne are the next best thing and are the next cheapest.
  • Decide on a time of year that will be less busy e.g. school term time (obviously if you are going with kids, go in the school holidays!). This way the hotels and parks will be quieter, meaning quicker queue times, but also a nice relaxing atmosphere in your hotel.
  • May and June time are good prices (from experience) but March also seems to be good.
  • Whether or not you want a pool- Hotels like the New York, Sequoia Lodge and Newport Bay Club have swimming pools, and at a higher price you can enjoy them. These are exclusive to people staying at the hotels.
  • Food- The food areas in Cheyenne and Santa Fe are relatively simplistic, with bread, croissants and cereal. However, at the more expensive restaurants there is probably a better selection. As well as this, evening meal menus are better.
  • Theme- All Disneyland hotels have themes. Santa Fe is New Mexico and has 'Cars' as it's film theme. I loved this because the mirror had a chequed flag print around it, which was cute. Newport Bay is of course nautical. Sequoia Lodge is like a chalet in the woods. New York is, well, New York themed, and Cheyenne is cowboy themed! All hotels are lovely and you'll have a great time where ever you go.
  • How many people you are with and who- I think all rooms in Cheyenne come with a double bed and a set of bunk beds. If you are adults you may want a room with two double beds. However myself and boyfriend stayed at Santa Fe and opted for a room with a double bed and a set of bunk beds (the room was ready there and then so we opted to have it) and it was fine because we weren't going to use the bunk beds or an extra double bed so it didn't matter what we had.
  • Distance from the parks. All Disneyland hotels are near the park and all have shuttle bus services so distance is never an issue. Cheyenne and Santa Fe (and of course Davy Crockett) are probably furthest away. However, we walked in to the parks on many occasions and it only took us about ten minutes and it was a lovely scenic walk.
I really enjoyed my stay in both Newport Bay club and Santa Fe. Next I would like to stay at the Hotel Cheyenne because I love the cowboy theme. One day I hope to stay in the New York hotel too. Of course there is one hotel I haven't mentioned, which is the Disneyland Hotel resort itself. However this is ridiculously expensive, and unless you are rich you probably won't stay there. To be honest the other hotels have always appealed to me more anyway. And let's not forget that there are lots of other hotels nearby that aren't the 'Disneyland hotels' but are still connected to Disney via shuttle bus. These are even cheaper I think, and so you may opt for one of these.

My next Disney segment will be about the park itself. I'll be giving you tips on when the best time to go on rides is and which rides are suited for who. Thanks for reading!

Speak soon

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  1. Great advice! I just got back from Paris and had a fantastic time but my travel buddy hates rides so we didnt go to Disney!

    Abigail Alice x



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