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February 07, 2016

Hey guys,

Today I'm back with a little lifestyle and food post. I was fortunate in that I gave myself a day off (although I feel I do that too much ;) ) and myself and friend Sydney decided it'd be a really cute trip/adventure if we went out for lunch somewhere new.

If you have read previous blog posts of mine, then you may have read a post where I told you all that I was having to go Gluten free. If you want to read that post, click here.

So of course this meant finding somewhere that did Gluten free food. We did a bit of research before hand and came across this little cafe - Southsea Coffee. I didn't end up taking any photos of the outside because it was a bit gloomy and we just wanted to get inside to be honest.

It was very busy when we entered and very hot due to how many people were in there. There were a lot of students on laptop and writers doing work, which actually gave the place character.

We sat down at a little stool area by the front window and perused the menu for a few minutes. We both ordered 'The Plate' which came with Cheddar Cheese, Brie, Chutney, Ham, Rocket, Pickle and bread (I ordered gluten free bread). We also got milkshakes- I got a strawberry and Sydney got a peanut butter one I think.

The service was great and very friendly, and our milkshakes came very soon after ordering. They were delicious and possibly the best milkshakes I've tasted. They tasted fresh and made from real ingredients. I could really taste the strawberry!

Our food came shortly afterwards, and for £7.50 I was impressed by our meals. It was the perfect size for a lunch and it looked so cute on it's wooden block and was presented so carefully. It was lovely to treat myself to good food for once rather than food that is likely to clog my arteries! (haha!). I'd also never had Brie before and I loved it!

It was a really lovely aternoon and it was great to catch up and chat about our TV shows and our lives. I was thrilled with the gluten free bread as it tasted so much nicer than other gluten free breads I've tried. I will write another post about this at a later date, but I have to say that it was nice to find somewhere that was reasonably priced and where the gluten free options were available at the same prices.

I will definitely be going back to Southsea Coffee, whether it be for lunch, or just one of their yummy milkshakes!

Speak soon

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