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September 02, 2015

I thought today I would talk to you all about my daily facial regime. To non beauty lovers, the idea of this probably sounds horribly boring, but if you're like me you'll probably love hearing about products and other people's experiences with them.

I can be really lazy when it comes to facial regimes and I have a hard time sticking to a schedule of using cleansers and toners and all that stuff that promises you better skin. I also have difficult skin, sometimes it's dry and sometimes it's oily. A trip to the doctors some years ago also told me that my skin is very sensitive and therefore I'm always on the look out for products that help with all of these issues.

For Christmas last year I was given these products, which are all from the Simple range.

I had heard that they were great, and I knew my brother's girlfriend used some of their products and so I thought it'd try them out.

Simple: Kind to skin Moisturising Facial Wash

This is great and honestly makes your skin feel silky soft. When you squeeze it out of the tube it is a pearly green colour and feels delicate in your hands. I apply a bit of water to this in my hands and rub them together a little bit to create a little lather (you could use a flannel or cleansing brush- I sometimes do). I then look in the mirror (obviously otherwise I won't be able to see!) and apply it to my face, making sure to not get it in my eyes or mouth etc. I rub it in well making sure the cleansers gets into my pores and gives my face a good wash. If you're lazy like me, why not take this in the shower and make it part of your shower regime. I then wash it off using warm/luke warm water. I then pat my face dry with a nice soft towel (who likes a rough towel... no one!). My skin feels great after using this. The smell is subtle and soft and certainly not overpowering like some products. It's amazing to see what a difference a product can make even after one use. With this product I really feel like its doing some good, it feels natural and I don't feel like I'm applying tonnes of chemicals to my face.
Simple: Kind to skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser
 This is a perfect daily moisturiser. It compliments the facial wash brilliantly and makes your skin feel fresh, natural, clean and ready for the day. Its quite a thin, liquidy moisturiser, and I tend to prefer thicker ones, however I didn't have a problem with this. It felt like it was still nourishing my skin just as well as any and again this product felt more natural than some.

Simple: Kind to skin Illuminating Radiance Cream

 I may have spoken about this before however I really liked this product before even buying it. I would go into boots on my lunch break or after work and use a bit of the tester on my hand and think about getting it and never did. Eventually I treated myself to it. I love it, it gives your skin a little gentle shimmering glow. If you have great skin this would look beautiful and really highlight the best bits of your face. My skin can be quite patchy, but when my skin is at it's best I feel more confident that this product will look good. Sometimes if I'm just popping out and don't really want to put make up on, I'll use a bit of this to brighten up my look.

So there you have it. I love Simple products - they just feel really good. And with my difficult skin they really have helped and made a difference! My facial regime does change a lot depending on what products I use. And remember, everyone is different.

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about my daily facial regime. What's yours? Do any of you use these products? If so how have you got on?

Speak soon

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