Never Grow Up

April 10, 2015

It's so easy to let the little things pass us by in life. We go about our daily routines as if they don't matter and never stop to notice the details that come along with it. We take everything for granted, our friends, our families, our houses, and we never really get to take a good look at what we have. I'm sure many of us don't even realise how lucky we are, I'm also certain there are some of us out there who aren't as lucky. But, nevertheless we trudge through life as if it is some sort of chore.
When I was younger I used to play in the streets until it was really late, and when I say that I mean about 8 O'clock, because to a 9 year old that's dangerously close to bedtime (rebellious)! I remember riding my bike until my legs couldn't peddle any longer, scuffing my knees on curbs as I ruthlessly played tag with all the other children. I'd laugh until I couldn't breathe and my face would start to hurt. But I wouldn't care. Those days were probably the most enjoyable days of my life, our lives. And even though at the time we probably didn't notice how much fun we're were having, we appreciated every second we got, every last minute we were allowed on the swings, every water gun fight in the summer. If only now a days, adults would live with the same energy and thirst for life as back then.
I find myself too often getting caught up in work, my studies or my house chores that I haven't got any time for fun. My idea of fun seems to be curling up in bed with a glass of wine and watching my favourite boxsets over and over again until I am too tired to function. When did life get like this? I don't remember. It's almost as if when I turned 18 I crossed a 'no fun, strictly adult' barrier and suddenly became what I am today. But I miss the childlike me. Don't you too? I wish I could run around and giggle and get warn out from running like I used to.

If we kept even a quarter of the childlike mind that we used to have, I know I'd be a much more content human being, I think we all would. It may seem hard, especially with what comes with adulthood, but when we were children we didn't need technology, or expensive things to have fun, just a couple of pebbles, some chalk, a skipping rope or the best toy a person can have- our imaginations. Being spontaneous may seem a risk, but the child 'you' wouldn't hold back, and neither should the adult 'you'. So be more carefree, be more spontaneous, and be you, the way you remember being, the way you were once as a child.

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